Housing costs in Montana are skyrocketing.  There is a house in Montana right now that I found that is going for just under $25 million.  The photos showing it off are jaw-dropping to say the least.

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Boasting 6 bedrooms and 10 baths with a 5 car garage, this potential home is located just south of Bozeman. It's part of the the Big Sky Spanish Peaks Resort community, and the photos provided are something that need to be seen.  I'm not kidding you have to see these photos, you won't believe your eyes.  They really make the home feel alive.

It's easy to imagine yourself sitting on the edge of your bathtub, or maybe on the bench applying moisturizer after a relaxing soak.

Picture yourself working from home on your laptop in the bedroom while your child plays hide and seek in the hallway.

Be inspired by the view from your terrace of an Elk who has entered into your backyard.

Daydream about cooking in that huge kitchen with the beautiful granite counter tops, while your significant other reads while waiting.

Plan your next get together with friends and family in the spacious open living room.  I will say perhaps a railing would be a wise idea if you have young ones running around above you on the second level.

Imagine just putting your skis or snowboard on and walking out your back door to the freshest powder.

I'll stop painting a picture for you now because I think you should just scan through these photos yourself and really take them all in.

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