As our state lawmakers toiling away in Bismarck to change our everyday lives, here is a reminder of some of the rules that our state's best and brightest have helped forge into North Dakota Law.

1. You’ll need a license to kill a pigeon in the city of Fargo

Pigeons can be a nuisance when allowed to breed uncontrollably. Pigeon excreta contains certain strains of the bacteria E. coli (Escherichia coli) which, when introduced in the food or water supply, may lead to illnesses. However, if you want to wage war on the hordes of feral pigeons in your backyard, you’ll need a permit from the Fargo health department.

2. Fireworks are not allowed after 11 p.m.

Imagine celebrating the turn of the New Year without the sound and sight of fireworks crackling in the sky. North Dakota has done just that by passing a law that prohibits the use or detonating of fireworks beyond the hours of 8 a.m. and 11n p.m.

3. In Waverly, horses are forbidden from sleeping in bathtubs.

One can only surmise the highly contested legal challenge that brought about this gem to punish our equine friends.

4. It’s okay to play poker but only twice a year

This law applies to non-governmental organizations and charitable groups that operate in the state. They can hold stud poker games to raise money but only twice a year.

5. You’ll be charged a $10,000 fine for cloning yourself

According to chapter 12.1-39 Section 2 of North Dakota law, “ A person may not intentionally or knowingly:

  • Perform or attempt to perform human cloning.
  • Participate in performing or attempting to perform human cloning.
  • Transfer or receive the product of a human cloning for any purpose.
  • Transfer or receive, in whole or in part, any oocyte, human embryo, human fetus, or human somatic cell, for the purpose of human cloning.

Anyone who violates subdivision a or b of subsection 1 is guilty of a class C felony which carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

6. Coal mines must have adequate toilet paper

Working in the sweltering heat in coal mine shafts can be tough. The situation is exacerbated when you go for a bio break only to find out that there is no tissue paper. The state legislature decided to pass a law that ensures all employees in underground coal mines are provided with adequate toilet paper to their employees.

7. It’s illegal to serve beer and pretzels

Apparently, owners of establishments that serve alcoholic drinks are not allowed to serve beer and pretzels to their clients.

When starting a business in North Dakota, you need to understand the rules that the state imposes on businesses. Perhaps these guides on how to start an LLC in  North Dakota and how to find a great registered agent in North Dakota can help you avoid any legal issues when opening or doing business in the state.

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