Williston's Whisker Wednesday adoptable dog is adorable.

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Our featured pet this week from Mondak Animal Rescue a real sweetheart.

Introducing the charming Coco! This 2-year old Sheepadoodle is searching for her forever home filled with love. Coco is spayed, fully vaccinated, and incredibly affectionate towards humans. She thrives on attention and is ready to be your faithful companion through every twist and turn.

Clever and well-trained, Coco has mastered all her basic commands, making her a joy to have around. Keep an eye on this Houdini-esque pup, though, as she's an expert in the art of escape!

Given Coco's strong attachment to toys, she would flourish in a home where she can be the sole canine, enjoying all the toys to herself. She deserves a space where she can feel secure and cherished.

Coco has faced challenges in her past, enduring multiple rehoming situations and even a stint in "doggy jail." Fortunately, she's now in the care of Mondak Animal Rescue, seeking a fresh start and a loving family.

Adopting Coco is not just about gaining a pet; it's about saving a life and making a positive impact on the world. If you believe you can offer Coco the affectionate and secure home she deserves, please contact Mondak to arrange a meeting. Let's provide Coco with the second chance she truly deserves.

Stop by the Buck Scheele Family Animal Center at 6207 1st Ave West in Williston. Email mondakanimalrescue@gmail.com. Call (701) 577-7387 or go to MDAR's website. 

Mondak Animal Rescue's Pet of the Week for November 15- Coco

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