I know the Black Friday sales flooding your inbox are really tempting, but try if you can to hold off for Small Business Saturday.

Since American Express kickstarted it in 2010 and got the SBA on board in 2011, Small Business Saturday has become a big deal for small businesses during their busiest shopping season.

Mark your calendar for the Saturday, after Thanksgiving (November 25). Find participating businesses in your area  here.

It's all about celebrating the little guys who make our towns and neighborhoods special. I love the holiday excitement in Williston.

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Top Five Reasons to Shop Small in North Dakota:

1. Supporting the Community: You're giving a big high-five to your local community! It's like saying, "Hey, I'm all about supporting the awesome folks and businesses right here in North Dakota."

2. Unique Finds: Ever stumbled upon those quirky, unique gifts that make people go, "Wow, where'd you get this?" That's the magic of shopping local—you find treasures you won't uncover in big-box stores.

3. Personal Touch: There's something special about the way local shop owners treat you. They know their stuff and can help you pick out the perfect gift. Plus, the personal touch makes the whole shopping experience a lot more fun.

4. Convenience Access: Skip the long waits and shipping stress. Local shops offer convenience with a smile.

5. Keeping the Local Flair Alive: Supporting local shops helps keep North Dakota's personality alive. You're contributing to the character of your town or city by keeping unique businesses thriving.

So, when you shop local in North Dakota this holiday season, you're not just buying stuff—you're spreading good vibes and love throughout your community.

Check out your town's events or social media to see what's happening. It's a chance to celebrate the essence of North Dakota, one shop at a time.

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