Tonight kicks off the Montana Pitmaster Classic. Which means two things:


The Montana Pitmaster Classic is a 2-Day community event with lots of great food for sale or sample and free live music. The event is Friday - August 25th (5pm - 8pm) and Saturday - August 26th (10am - 4pm) hosting 40+ BBQ Pitmasters from all over the USA & Canada. Hosted by Kenyon Noble, this event is a finger lickin’, mouthwaterin’, family friendly good time + a great community event to benefit & support the Gallatin Valley YMCA

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 From 5-8 on Friday (tonight) you can catch this stud of a country artist performing.

The incredibly talented Gabe Garcia will be showing off his classic sound and ridiculous talents while we all stuff our faces with BBQ. The Texas native is bringing his country soul to Bozeman for one night only and trust me, you don't want to miss out on this.


Gabe has been singing and performing since his early teens, with his first two recorded songs at 15.

After 3 months into moving to Nashville Gabe landed a spot on NBC’s then popular show Nashville Star in 2008 where he placed First Runner-up out of 65,000 total contestants that tried out. Gabe takes this Alan Jackson song and makes it his own. With his talent, dimples, and classic country sound, Gabe puts the pressure on anyone he performs next to.


You can catch Gabe Garcia performing tonight from 5-8 right here in Bozeman at Kenyon Noble for one of Bozeman's favorite annual events.

WHAT: Gabe Garcia (Montana Pitmaster Classic)

WHEN: Tonight (8/25) 5-8PM

WHERE: Montana Pitmaster Classic (Kenyon Noble Bozeman Location, 1243 West Oak Street).

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