Soon, there will be a new indoor entertainment center for North Dakota families to enjoy.

Slick City Action Park

It’s always hard to find fun things to do in the winter months, so this is a perfect addition to our entertainment scene.

According to Inforum, Slick City Action Park will be an opening in Fargo, North Dakota. This will be the 15th franchise to open across the country.

What Is It?

The best way to describe it is a waterslide park with no water. On the business' website, it's described as a "frictionless experience."

Looking at websites from some of the other franchises across the country, I think we can expect to see quite the setup.

Other locations have a junior slide play area and air courts for basketball and other sports activities.

They also have fast lane slides, royal flush slides, which looks like you’re swirling down a toilet bowl, Mega-launch slides, and a big wave.

There will also likely be a café for parents to hang out in as their kids slip and slide all around the park, and even a party area, and it said to have a frictionless experience

We don’t know exactly when it’s going to open yet, and I imagine it’s going to be quite the project. If you want more information, check out the website and keep coming back to see the updates.


Do you think North Dakota needs more indoor activity/entertainment facilities? Are you excited for this one to open? Hit us up in the app and let us know!


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