I caught a Facebook post this morning from Karolin Jappe with McKenzie County Emergency Management talking about severe weather and encouraging all of us to be prepared. She shared some statistics compiled by the National Weather Service in Bismarck from 1950 - 2022. Some of the numbers are extremely scary!

Strongest Non-Tornadic Wind Gust

Let's face it. We deal with wind every day in the state. Let's look at the strongest winds recorded.

  • Slope County - 143mph
  • Mercer County - 130mph
  • Sargent County - 127mph
  • Grant County - 126mph
  • Dickey County - 125mph
  • McLean County - 125mph
  • Williams County - 113mph
  • McKenzie County - 96mph
  • Divide County - 90mph

Here are how the other counties came in:

Wind Graphic

Largest Hail

Ready for the largest hail? Hail no! We all know hail is despised for the havoc it wreaks on the land and its inhabitants. With its fierce and unpredictable nature, hailstorms ravage crops, causing immense financial losses for farmers. The ice pellets also damage vehicles, roofs, and other property, burdening homeowners with costly repairs. Additionally, hail endangers lives, posing a threat to outdoor activities and creating hazardous driving conditions. The despised presence of hail epitomizes destruction, hardship, and the constant battle against nature's fury. So, what is the largest hail diameter recorded in the state?

  • Sioux County - 5"
  • Mercer County - 5"
  • Divide County - 4.5"
  • McKenzie - 4.5"
  • Williams County - 3"

Here's how the other counties in North Dakota look.


Tornadoes By County

Now we get to the fun stuff. Tornadoes. I have never seen a tornado, nor do I want to. Based on information compiled by the National Weather Service in Bismarck, we have seen our fair share of them. So, many has each county seen in our state? You might be surprised!

  • Cass County - 99
  • Grand Forks County - 82
  • Barnes County - 62
  • Ward County - 55
  • Williams County - 25
  • McKenzie County - 23
  • Divide County - 12

Here's how the other counties stacked up in North Dakota.


This information is meant to inform and encourage you to have a plan for your family should we see severe weather develop as our summer continues. Thanks to the National Weather Service in Bismarck for compiling the information.

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