People have been growing wine grapes for over 2000 years - talk about a long time! It seems like every month has its own "wine day," honoring the diverse world of this cherished beverage.

The month of May alone boasts five dedicated days to celebrate wines: May 3rd marks International Sauvignon Blanc Day, May 9th is World Moscato Day, May 23rd is International Chardonnay Day, and May 24th commemorates The Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris, when California wines made their grand debut in France.

No one really knows how these official wine days came about, and honestly, not many people seem to care about their backstory. Wine Country has put together a calendar listing 20 noteworthy National and International Wine Days for 2024 - you can check out the full list here.

North Dakota has seen an increase in the number of wineries during the past few decades. Because of the state's long history in agriculture, numerous North Dakota wines include components like fruit and honey.

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It is challenging to run a large-scale viticulture because of the dramatic seasonal weather variations. Therefore, a lot of the wineries in the state are hobby farms run by residents who like making wine as much as drinking it. However, there is hope because North Dakota State University is researching the creation of cold-hardy grape cultivars in partnership with the North Dakota Growers Association.

North Dakota has quite a few lovely wineries. With Mother's Day approaching, why not plan a day trip and visit a winery in North Dakota? If you’re wondering “are there any great winery day trips near me in North Dakota?” Check out this list of the top wineries in North Dakota.

Pointe of View Winery

This was actually North Dakota’s first winery and is located a few miles west of Minot.  All of their wines are available in the tasting room.  Boasting a mix of sweet and semi-sweet wines, rhubarb and strawberry are the two primary fruits used.  One of the best parts is that Pointe of View Winery ships to most states and is mostly priced at a reasonable $15 price point.

Getty Stock / ThinkStock, ThinkStock
Getty Stock / ThinkStock, ThinkStock

Fluffy Fields Vineyard and Winery

Fluffy Fields Vineyard and Winery offers locally made wine, local craft beers, and delicious meals to pair with your drink of choice.  In addition to this culinary delight, they offer an event space to the Dickinson area.

With a tagline of “Get Fully”, they are the only North Dakota winery that is full-service and open year-round!  Take a look at their event calendar for popular events.

Vinter’s Cellar Winery

A slightly different approach to North Dakota wineries, Vinter’s Cellar of Bismarck, actually helps you make your own wine.  The wine enthusiasts on staff at Vinter’s Cellar Winery will use their expertise to help you make a unique wine blend that tastes absolutely amazing.

Patrons love the locally produced fruit used to make wine, such as strawberry, rhubarb, and chokecherry.

Comstock via Getty Stock / ThinkStock
Comstock via Getty Stock / ThinkStock

Dakota Sun Gardens Winery

The Dakota Sun Gardens Winery in Carrington differentiates itself by situating itself among numerous flower gardens.  The flowers in the summertime make for a fabulous wine-tasting experience. They are particularly proud of their award for “Winery of the Year” at the 2018 Indy International Wine Competition.  Dakota Sun Gardens makes wines across the full spectrum of red and white, sweet and dry.  They can be purchased in wine retailers in many North Dakota cities.

Rookery Rock Winery

North Dakota's summers can be rather warm, but Rookery Rock Winery has a cool tasting area where you can unwind.

This establishment sells regionally produced grape and fruit wines, much like many other wineries in North Dakota. They are situated on the lovely shores of Lake Agazziz, making for a picturesque wine tasting.

Rostislav_Sedlacek/Creative Services/Getty Images
Rostislav_Sedlacek/Creative Services/Getty Images

Red Trail Vineyards

The Red Trail Vineyard is named after the historic Old Red Trail, one of the first established routes for automobile travel through the northern region of the US.  The vineyard is just south of where the old red trail travels.

Prairiewood Winery

Prairiewood Winery has been producing wine since 2010 from its vineyard located a few miles west of Lisbon.  If you are looking to buy a bottle (or two) to try before visiting yourself, then check them out at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop in Grand Forks.

Bear Creek Winery

As one of the original wineries in Red River Valley, Bear Creek Winery is solely devoted to experimenting with cold-climate grapes.  Their focus is both red and white dry blends, made with grapes designed to survive the harsh northern winters. Check out their website to learn more!

Prairie Rose Meadery

Situated in South Fargo, Prairie Rose Meadery is nationally recognized for its honey wine.

If you really enjoy mead, then you may want to consider joining Prairie Rose’s Meadery Wine Club.  They send out quarterly shipments of nationally awarded mead, made with North Dakota honey.

Maudib/Creative Services/Getty
Maudib/Creative Services/Getty

4e Winery

4e in Mapleton has built their winery with an alignment to the four unchanging elements: earth, fire, water, and air (hence the 4e).  Their objective is to make as little alterations to the winemaking process to maintain the integrity of the fruit used to make their wines.

Maple River Winery

Heritage is a huge focus for the Maple River Winery Winemakers in Casselton.  Many patrons passionately claim that their wine tastes similar to how their elders made it in the past.

The winemakers here purchase 80% of their fruit from producers within the state lines.

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