Love them or hate them Peeps have been around for years. The iconic candy is celebrating it's 70th Anniversary this year. I personally love Peeps! My favorites are the purple bunnies. I always try the new flavors - no matter how weird! New flavors for 2023 are Dr. Pepper, Kettle Corn and the Mike & Ike Flavor Pop. The flavor pop features four distinct flavors of Chicks for the first time ever, including lemon, lime, 

orange, and strawberry.  Each year at Easter, my friend Tracy in Minot, sends me a big box filled with different Peeps flavors, Peeps Cereal and some sort of Peep plushie.
Peeps Cereal photo by Mad Max
I think the Peeps collectibles are super cute. Recently at the store I found all kinds of things, including Peeps cookie cutters, Peeps bunny shaped pancake skillets, a Peeps Milkshake Kit and even Peeps bibs for babies.
Peeps bibs photo by Mad Max
And parents and kids are excited over this year's new addition.  Meet Elf on a Shelf's springtime companion - Peep on a Perch. Much like the Elf, Peep on a Perch comes with its own storybook and makes sure kids are being good before it’s time for the Easter Bunny to fill up their Easter baskets.
Peeps cookie cutters photo by Mad Max
The Peep On Perch is the essential item for children's Easter baskets this year. Peep On Perch is narrative set for kids that includes plush toy chick and can be enjoyed well before Easter Sunday, much like its Christmas-themed sibling. The picture book tells the story of how the Peep assists the Easter Bunny in creating a unique celebration for children across the world each year. 
Peeps pancake skillet photo by Mad Max

According to the tale, the charming Peep assists with egg decoration, fills Easter baskets, and is able to observe all the good deeds that children carry out in the days and weeks before Easter. Just like Elf on the Shelf, parents can perch the Peeps Chick in various locations throughout their home. The goal is to instill good behavior in children and make them aware that the holidays are about more than just receiving presents.  

Peeps milkshake kit photo by Mad Max

Visit for Peep on a Perch, additional recipes and fun craft ideas for the Easter season.

Peeps for Your Dog...Yes, it is a real thing!

They aren't full of marshmallows but they are just as colorful as a real Peep. (And your dog would probably love to tear these to shreds!)

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