This has been quite a heated topic for a while now...

...many so-called "Armchair coaches" made their prediction that Bismarck's very own Carson Wentz was done for good. "Carson had a pretty good run of 7 seasons in the National Football League, EVEN winning a Super Bowl, but when the Washington Commanders released him back in February, he won't be coming back."

That's just one of many comments I have heard from many who lost confidence in his playing ability. One person who refused to listen to all the negativity is on his way back.

Staying patient and staying in shape

After his release from the Commanders, Wentz let his intentions be known that he would be more than ready to be picked up by another football team. Staying patient and staying in shape, the 2023 National Football Season began, and almost instantly a well-known quarterback lasted less than 15 minutes.

Aaron Rodgers of The New York Jets limped off the field after just 3:27 seconds of the first game - out for the rest of the season with an Achilles injury. Would Carson Wentz get a phone call? No.

 Carson Wentz is on his way to sunny Southern California 

Just about a week ago we all saw Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins exit early - after 150 games of never suffering an injury, Kirk's season is done after 8 games. Wentz's phone remained silent, until today - November 7th.

According to "The Los Angeles Rams signed quarterback Carson Wentz to back up an injured Matthew Stafford...The Rams made the signing during their bye week, giving Wentz time to get acclimated to Los Angeles' offense"  Time to work on your tan buddy. Good luck Carson Wentz!

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