I have to admit, I'm about as skilled with plants as a fish is with a bicycle. My Grandma Effie had this incredible green thumb, but it seems I missed out on that gene. My friends joke that I've got a "black thumb" because I can't keep a plant alive to save my life.

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Over the years, I've had one plant that's survived my less-than-stellar care. It's a succulent I've had at the office for a solid four years now. It's been repotted twice because it just won't stop growing. Maybe it's trying to prove a point.

But, recently, a pet sitting client decided to thank me with a plant, and it was a goner within a week. I can manage a menagerie of animals, but plants seem to escape my nurturing abilities.

And then I stumbled upon this wild study that made me feel even worse about my plant-torturing ways. Apparently, plants aren't as silent as they seem. They make sounds!

Insects, other animals, and maybe even other plants can pick up on these vibes, though. So, all those plants I've accidentally killed were crying out for help in their own way, and I was just blissfully ignorant of their pleas.

The researchers found that stressed-out plants, like the ones desperately in need of a drink, belt out more of these sounds. It's like they're sending an SOS signal to the plant kingdom, but we humans remain out of the loop.

CLICK TO LISTEN: Recordings Of Plant Sounds

Now, as if that's not quirky enough, the study also suggests that this plant chatter might play a role in the grand scheme of things. Moths looking for a place to lay their eggs or animals sizing up a potential snack could use these sounds as a sort of Yelp review for plants.

Farmers are getting in on the action too. They might use these findings to better care for their crops. Imagine setting up sound monitors in your fields to eavesdrop on your plants. "Water me, please!" one plant might say, while another might be like, "I'm good, just keep the bugs away!"

So, as for me, I've decided to stick with artificial plants from now on. At least they won't scream at me. They're the strong, silent type in the world of decor, and I can appreciate that.

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