Bringing 4H animals to the county fair to be shown and sold is a time-honored practice that gives young people many benefits. Participating in these kinds of events not only teaches useful skills for everyday life, but also builds responsibility, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. 4H animal projects are a great way for young people to learn and grow because they focus on hands-on learning and personal growth.

Cherrett Brunelle
Cherrett Brunelle
Brunelle's 4H Projects

Learning New Skills and Being Responsible

Taking care of 4H animals takes time, effort, and focus. Youth who take part in these projects learn how to handle their time well, get better at being organized, and take care of their animals. By feeding, grooming, and teaching their animals, they gain a sense of responsibility and learn how important it is to make a promise and keep it.

Building Character and Leadership

Taking part in 4H animal projects can help kids develop traits like patience, kindness, and persistence. It teaches young people how to handle both success and loss with grace, which are important lessons for life. Also, 4H programs often give young people chances to be leaders by giving them jobs like club officers or teachers, which helps them improve their leadership skills.

Nadine Cornell Miller
Nadine Cornell Miller
Cornell Miller Sheep

There are many perks for young people who take part in 4H and raise animals to show and sell at the county fair. They learn important life skills like duty, time management, and how to be a leader through this. Participating in these projects helps build character traits like resilience and kindness which are important for success as an adult. Young people can learn, grow, and do well in 4H animal projects because they are supported and cared for. By taking part in this important tradition, young people set themselves up for a bright future full of useful experiences and a strong foundation for personal and professional success.

Cherrett Brunelle
Cherrett Brunelle

Sale Day Information:

Date - Friday, June 22, 2023

Location - UMVF Fairgrounds (Agri-Sports Complex)

50 Steers for sale

28 Sheep for sale

26 Swine for sale

7 Meat Goats for sale

Social starts at 2:00 pm

Sale starts at 3:00 pm 

Hats off to all the parents and 4H leaders for all the work you do! It does not go unnoticed! Oh, and for all of you planning to be at the 4H sale tomorrow, think about how hard all these kids worked with their animals, and be sure to keep the auctioneers busy by bidding a lot!

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