Chocolate might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Montana, but there are some great chocolate makers in the Big Sky.  You can find cordial cherries, chocolate covered strawberries, fudge and more made right here in Montana.  Chocolate is also a great gift to give any time of year as well.

When one thinks of Montana they might think of Yellowstone, Skiing, Agriculture, the list could go on for a while before we got to chocolate made in Montana.  We think that should change because we have plenty to be proud of when it comes to the chocolate made in the Treasure State.

Handmade chocolate is an art and it is art you can eat.  You might find yourself not wanting to when you see some of the works of art they create, but they make these works of art for you to enjoy.

There is no reason for you to only stop by and grab some of these chocolates for holidays or special occasions either. However during those times of year you can find unique made items that tie into special times of the year.

So even if it's just a random day during the week, in the middle of the month, you know you'll be getting some good quality handmade chocolate to enjoy.  The best part is you can either share it with someone you love or keep it all for yourself, and we wouldn't blame you if you did.

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Where to buy the best Made in Montana Chocolate

Made in Montana chocolate makes a great gift for any occasion.

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