Humans of all ages have long been fascinated by dinosaurs. Thinking about these enigmatic beings is like thinking about the mystery of 
existence on Earth. The discovery of a new dinosaur is always a cause for joy. My love of dinosaurs goes back to my childhood and is why I have a Diceratops tattooed on my arm. I enjoy checking out dinosaur fossils and bones at museums. 
The Montana Dinosaur Trail runs statewide and consists of 14 locations.
Each site gives tourists a greater appreciation of the giants who once roamed our world and offers a glance at the historical discoveries made in the state. Here are a few locations near Eastern Montana.
Glendive is home to the Frontier Gateway Museum. It's not member of the Montana Dinosaur Trail, but you can still check out some dinosaur fossils. To the southeast of Glendive is Makoshika State Park which IS part of the Dinosaur Trail. Makoshika has produced more than ten different dinosaur species.
Carter County Museum is located in Ekalaka. It was the first county museum in Montana and the first to exhibit dinosaurs 
discovered there. For the past 100 years, Ekalaka has been the focus of dinosaur discoveries, and it still serves as source of new knowledge. The Lambert Room is devoted 
to paleontology exhibitions. The museum has mounts and casts of various species, along with authentic dinosaur bones.
Fort Peck Interpretive Center is on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation .  The Peck's Rex was the second most complete fossil in the world when it was discovered in 1997; it was 75% complete. This discovery made it possible to establish museum adjacent to the dig sites in the Hell Creek formation. The Peck's Rex is now on display in three different forms: as skeleton, fully realized model, and physical exhibit featuring the dinosaur's enormous cranium.
Check out the rest of the locations on the dinosaur trail below.


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