March 21st is National Common Courtesy Day, and it seems Montana is for politeness. A new study found that the Big Sky State is the most polite in the country. The data, based on Google searches of “polite words and phrases” revealed that Montanans did the most searches for please and thank you. Other polite states were  Vermont, Alabama, Minnesota, Delaware, and Wyoming. A state that could use more manners? California, which came in last in the politeness ranking.

According to WordFinder, different states not only have different accents and lingo, but they vary in politeness, terms of endearment and slang. A lighthearted study performed by them collected Google Trends search data from each state to pinpoint which parts of America most often search the web using polite words and phrases. They also measured the most-searched compliments and terms of endearment.

The most polite state, based on their Google searches, was Montana. More than 270,000 of their searches per 100,000 residents in the past year included polite terms, especially “please.” The chosen word of endearment is "angel." Modern slang term is "Understood the assignment."

Vermont is the second most polite state, followed by Alabama at third. Minnesota and Delaware round out the top five.

Other states that practice good manners include North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. North Dakota came in at number 11. Based on their Google Searches included polite terms especially "gracious." The chosen word of endearment is "handsome." You may recognize this term from classic surfer lingo. “Stoked,” meaning enthusiastic or excited, is North Dakota's top search slang term.

No matter where you live, it's important to be kind and mind you manners.

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