Today is a big day for the state of North Dakota. More importantly, it's a bigger day for education in the state. According to the ND State Historical Society, today is Founder's Day for UND-GF!  It happened on this day in 1883 that former Governor Nehemiah Ordway signed an act into law establishing the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.
Cornerstone Ceremony

This is now known around campus as Founders Day. It marks the anniversary of the signing of the 1883 Dakota Territory legislation establishing the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and is the official birthday of UND. The first celebration of Founders Day was held in 1904.
UND Grand Forks

Today, UND is a busy 521-acre campus, the state’s largest. There is no doubt they have emerged as a leader in engineering, medicine, aviation, space, and most recently unmanned aircraft systems. With enrollment numbers of around 13,800 and 2500+ employees, this is definitely an option if you are looking to continue your education.

The website for UND-GF lists 386 programs, and you can go after your law degree, medical degree, a major or a minor, or grab some classes for career or professional development. You can even get your master's or doctoral degrees and UND-GF.

You can't forget about the athletic program at all. The fighting Hawks are always in the running when it comes to hockey, basketball, golf, and more, and the facilities each team plays in are out of this world. The Ralph Engelestad arena and the Alerus Center are my favorites!

So, if you say happy founders day or happy birthday, today is the day to celebrate the University of North Dakota - Grand Forks.

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