I recently wrote about all of the "Montana Bar" bars in the state of Montana.

The biggest response I got on that article across all online platforms was people saying, "way less than 'Mint Bar'" bars. You know what, they were right. There are more "Mint Bar" bars in Montana than there are "Montana Bar" bars.

I also learned a little bit of history in my research into bars named "Mint" in Montana.  The story goes that these bars started popping up all over Montana during the mining boom.  Seems miners and railroad workers were the clientele at these bars.

Ranchers on the other hand would gather at bars named "Stockman Bar."  I might have to do a third follow up on how many "Stockman Bar" bars there are in Montana.

It is neat learning little bits of trivia and history about the state that you won't get from a textbook.

Speaking of history, there is a lot of history in some of these bars. Some go back a few decades, some date back to the time just after prohibition.

In Great Falls Charlie Russell used to frequent the "Mint Bar" and used the upstairs portion as a studio for a while.  Sadly that bar is closed down, the bar itself is still around and on loan to the Charles M Russell Museum.

The following bars however are still open and would be excited to have you visit.

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Mint Bars across Montana

Check out all the Mint Bars in the state of Montana

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