Christmas has come and gone, and the new year has begun, which means one thing: It's time to take down the Christmas tree — or is it?

When it comes to holiday decorations, there are two kinds of people: Those who take down their Christmas trees on December 26, and those who aren't quite ready for the season to be over.

I'm the second type of person. I know it might sound crazy, but I love the look of a Christmas tree with all its festive ornaments and lights because it puts me in such a happy frame of mind that I can't bear to take it down. In fact, I plan to keep my little artificial tree up in the KYYZ studio until March.  We are in a dark and cold stretch of the year, and my tree adds a little dash of color and light to my life.

Traditionally, Christmas trees and decorations are taken down on the Twelfth Night
This will fall on 5 January or 6 January 2023, depending on whether you count 25 December as day one.

I propose we put an end to this cruel practice. This isn't about Christmas or Hanukkah or any specific celebration. It's about finding ways through the winter doldrums. We so desperately need that light in our lives these days. Having a decorated tree around is a wonderful, uplifting thing. (I must stress that keeping a natural, cut tree for more than a month poses a serious fire danger, even if you constantly water it.)
Artificial trees become hugely popular in recent years. There are tons Christmas fanatics who start decorating as soon as the Thanksgiving plates are cleared (if not right after Halloween!) and keep their Christmas tree up for as long as possible. After all, according to experts, putting your holiday decorations up early could make you feel happier, so it makes sense that leaving them up could have the same effect. And who wouldn't want that?
So when should you put your tree away? The short answer is: Do whatever feels right for you!
But I'm keeping mine up until March. Or even May.


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